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Helping you identify, clarify, and birth your God-given message so you can begin reaching your tribe!

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The Messenger Experience™ is expressly designed to help transformational leaders identify, clarify, and refine their God-given message so they can begin reaching their tribe. The Messenger Experience is an intense journey. It has been likened to childbirth. There is pain but it is worth going (and growing) through when we anticipate what it is being birthed from the process.


This strategically mapped out journey serves to encourage and equip Messengers as they prepare to birth the message God has placed in them.

During this encounter, Messengers are provided with a plethora of clarifying resources and tools to establish a solid foundation for crafting their message and reaching their tribe.

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We serve Christian, Transformational Leaders who:

  • are haunted by vision 

  • have a wealth of knowledge and life experiences to share

  • are ready to let their life speak, but feel overwhelmed about how to get clear and mobilized to do the work

  • have a sense the mandate is huge, but doing nothing is not an option 

  • understand they were created for a purpose and are ready to take it seriously

  • look around and are concerned about the number of people living without the clarity (or know-how) they know they need

  • have a growing awareness of what could be and should be

  • believe you were meant to make a difference and you are ready to make one

  • sense now is the time


The Messenger Experience can be accessed through:

THE simple web design PROCESS

Step 1: awareness

Read the Calling All Messengers E-book and determine if you are carrying an urgent burden right now as a Messenger and want to explore the process further

Step 2:


Now that you have completed the CAM eBook you can schedule  a 15 minute clarification call to gain additional clarity about what you read and next steps.

Step 3:

TMEI Pre-work

So you're clear and ready to take on the pre-work. Please click the button below, submit your email and we'll share next steps and access to the pre-work with you.

Step 4:


Now that you have completed the TMEI Pre-Work, please schedule your 15 minute information call to determine if now is the time to participate in TMEI.



Terikka Faciane, M.Ed.

Terikka Faciane, M.Ed., Certified Life Purpose Coach and founder of The Messenger Experience, has been uniquely commissioned as a midwife to Messengers. She is passionately committed to helping transformational leaders clarify, refine, and birth their God-given message so they can effectively reach their tribe. Her aim is to ensure excellence and preparedness in guiding each transformational leader towards the fulfillment of sharing their life’s message.

To guide Messengers on this clarifying journey, Terikka has tirelessly honed and refined the identity, vision, and messaging awareness processes for over 2 decades now, and continues to do so.


TMEI definitely gave me clarity and put me on the path to success. Each week seemed to creatively add more and more clarity and more and more direction to make the vision come into fruition. It was helpful to have the instructors available outside of class for direction and to answer questions.


The results of completing TMEI will last a lifetime.  I’m thankful for all the challenging days because it pushed me to do my best and now I definitely feel prepared  to lead TGC down the path of greatness that TMEI has led me down.

Marcia Blair, Founder of The Great Commission Discipleship Community (TGC)

Before I started the Messenger Experience, I was struggling with learning how to identify my target audience and reach them. TMEI helped give me clear direction by dissecting who my ideal tribe is and the approach on how to connect with them or at least recognize who potential participants are.


The results that I received through this program is having a clear understanding on the vision and mission of the G.O.O.D.E. Foundation. I also know exactly who I am called to reach. I also have a website and social media platforms for my tribe members to access the foundation.


Patrice Harris, Founder of The G.O.O.D.E. Foundation


If you have any questions about the Messenger process please send us a message, and we'll get back to you soon.

Or if you would like to receive updates, feel free to join our email list by clicking the button below!

Remember, your tribe is waiting for you

and we can help you reach them. It's Time!

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