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Creating your streamlined, starter website so that you can begin reaching your tribe 

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It's Time Simple Web Design (ITSWD) specializes in helping Messengers (i.e. transformational leaders, coaches and consultants) create streamlined, starter websites to begin reaching their tribe.


It is not enough to have a message or offer. You must have various platforms to share that message, and an online presence is a non-negotiable.


Your tribe needs to know where to find you, who you are, what transformation you offer, and more specifically, how you can help them.


My aim is to partner with you in creating your clear-cut, beginner website that will allow you to do just that.


To gain a greater understanding of the entire process, you will want to review closely:

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who we serve

It’s Time Simple Web Design is ideal for transformational leaders & service providers such as Messengers, Life Coaches, Consultants, Missional Teams, & Nonprofits. 

If you have the needed clarity and content but just need to establish your online presence, we would be honored to assist in that.

We are prepared to partner with those who:  

  • Know their mission & vision

  • Clear about who they serve

  • Can list & explain their services/what they offer 

  • Have their Brand Elements (Logo, Tagline, Colors...)

  • Ideally, have testimonials 



Although the aim of ITSWD is to work with those who have what they need to expedite the completion of their site, we recognize that some may still be in the clarifying phase of their process.


If that's you, or your team, please explore The Messenger's Guide to Creating A Website. This resource was expressly designed to help you think through and map out your website content. When you have your content mapped out, we will be happy to start you on the ITSWD 4D Design journey!

Who We Serve

Complete Readiness Assessment so we can determine where you are with the clarity 

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Simple '4D' webSite Design Process

The ITSWD '4D' Design Process are the steps we will be journeying through to create your site. Before you start with Step 1: DISCOVER (the official start of the process with ITSWD) you must first determine if what we offer (& how we offer it) is a natural fit for you and your website needs. Please carefully explore the Pre-Step: DETERMINE before engaging in the design process. 

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Terikka Faciane, M.Ed. is a Certified Life Purpose Coach & Simple Website Creator. She is committed to helping others discover and live into their life's purpose and share their message. As she has coached over the years, she came to discover that many of the individuals she worked with had a sense of call to reach a people; but they needed help with this process. One of the key things they needed help with was crafting their message and offerings and that evolved into needing assistance with creating their website.


Like those she coaches, she knows you also have something impactful to share. Terikka doesn’t want a lack of a website to keep you from reaching your tribe. She knows how overwhelming it can be to just get started. She would be honored to come alongside you and create your beginner website so your ideal clients can find you and begin benefiting from your unique contribution.

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Coach Maggie Williams, Founder of Legacy Health Coaching & Consulting 


Developing a website was a daunting task for us. We started building our site several times but could never seem to get everything we needed to get it launched. Terikka (with It’s Time Simple Web Design) made it so easy.


She gave us a simple and clear template to map out our content and walked us through the entire process. We love the site she created! It is exactly what we needed to better serve our community. My only regret is not finding her sooner! 

Lovell & Heidi Davis, Founders of ALL-IN

Terikka, founder of It's Time Simple Website did an amazing job creating our Let's Talk Intimacy website. She worked very well with the information we gave her, and when she says "simple", she truly made the process simple.


Again, a simple process, to get a great simple and clean website up and sharable. This will make it easy for those wanting to connect with you and those you want to reach; I highly recommend that you utilize It's Time Simple Web Design!

Clarence & Athena Presley, Founders of Let's Talk Intimacy

Custom dimensions 3000x1500 px.png

Contact Me

If you have any additional questions about the ITSWSD '4D' Design Process please send me a message!

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