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Terikka Faciane has been uniquely commissioned as a messenger of purpose, hope, and destiny. For over two decades now, Terikka has tirelessly honed and refined the identity and destiny awareness processes to ensure excellence and preparedness in ushering each unique soul entrusted to her care towards the fulfillment of their life’s purpose.

Regardless of the hustle-and-bustle of the surroundings in which you may chance upon her, whether it be at one of her high-octane youth workshops, her inspirational adult retreat seminars, or an enthusiastic introduction made by one of her numerous satisfied clients; you will hear Terikka pose the question, “So, what are you passionate about?” – And once engaged in conversation, you will leave with the impression that “It’s Time” for your life to take on a dramatically different tone.

Upon initial interaction with Terikka, one cannot help but feel justified in the conviction that “there is more to my existence than this”. Terikka has been sent to show you the Self you were meant to become. Armed with an infectious enthusiasm, a life-affirming message, her flexible coaching style adapts to the evolution of her client’s needs. With an arsenal of destiny discovery tools, resources, and interactive exercises that act as inspirational signposts; Terikka is fully equipped to get you moving—and keep you moving—on your unique path to destiny.

Think of her presentations, books, online courses, and workshops as a ‘reunion-esque’’ introduction she’s strategically facilitating between you, your truest self, and the long-hidden purpose of your life; where one can almost imagine Terikka saying, in soul-relieving assurance, “Welcome, We’ve been expecting you…It’s Time!

Meet Terikka
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