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Helping parents and educators clarify who their students are & how they learn best so they can help them better navigate learning and life beyond school

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Many students are expected to learn the same, perform the same, and produce the same, when in fact they are not the same. The ‘I AM’ Project addresses this myth by helping stewards of children better understand who their students are and how they learn best, so they can better prepare them to navigate school and more importantly, life.

As we help children fully recognize and embrace the seed of who they are - their disposition, personality, interests, talents, concerns, hopes, passions and dreams – we can begin to truly tap into their motivation to learn.

The 'Understanding My Child's Power Traits' self-study course was created with this precise aim in mind. 

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the 'i am' project app

The purpose of The 'I AM' Project app is to provide us with ongoing access to a myriad of clarifying processes, tools and resources to help us identify and heed the seed of who our children are.


Students do best when their individual aspirations, talents, and cultural backgrounds are respected and celebrated. When students feel safe, they are more likely to succeed in academics, to persevere through difficult times, and to become lifelong learners.


I believe we can only reach them as we more fully see them.


Thus, the workshops, presentations, and resources provided through The 'I AM" Project are designed with this goal in mind.

So, explore the free resource app, and let's begin (or continue) the clarifying journey. 

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Terikka is passionate about helping students (and their parents) discover who they are and why they are. She has been reaching out and teaching identity and destiny awareness in some capacity for over two decades now. Approximately eight of those years were in the public school system, and 5 of those years were specifically working with youth labeled 'at-risk'.


She learned quickly that her students needed to be made aware of many things that were not in her curriculum guide. Most of her students had no idea of who they were or where they were going so they could not see the value in ‘schoolwork’.


She knew this dilemma was not unique to her. It was her goal then and remains her goal even more so now that she's a parent to help young people (and those who steward them) identify who they are, how they learn, and how to set goals and make decisions from this deeper place of knowing. 

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Parents/Guardians: I look forward to you having the needed clarity to be your child's greatest advocate in life.

Organizations: If you're looking for a presentation or workshop on this subject matter please book a discovery call. I would love to serve you and the parents you seek to equip and empower with this information. 

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