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What others are saying...

Sundee Frazier, Award-Winning Author


I've recently become acquainted with this passionate, purpose-driven woman. She and I have been discussing my purpose and I'm excited to recommend her services to anyone else who is seeking focus, direction, and a passion in their lives.


If you have a nagging sense that you might be missing your calling or there's more to your life than you're currently experiencing, Terikka can help you uncover what that 'more' is.


Joy Strange, Professional Photographer


Terikka is truly a messenger of purpose. Her sensitivity, enthusiasm, and obedience to her calling has inspired me to walk a path towards my own destiny that I truly never dared to believe I could undertake.


Instead of playing the crutch, the relentless cheerleader, or the calloused drill-sergeant, she has met me where I am. It is her sincere and infectious joy to support and witness the uncovering of that destiny in each of us and I truly thank Jesus Christ for the gift of “gift-opener” He has given us in Terikka.


Dr. Keyisha Holmes, Administrator with Riverside Unified School District

Terikka’s destiny coaching has impacted my life in ways I never imagined. She has challenged me to face off with and contend with veiled issues that have inhibited my God-given purpose. As a result of her inspirational mentoring and coaching, I am living life liberated in every aspect of its meaning because she has helped me to discover and navigate the winner within me!


Stephanie Amora, Entrepreneur


Terikka Holmes Faciane showed me that even as a busy wife and mother, I can still pursue my passions. I am an aspiring singer-songwriter, who thanks to Terikka, was able to have the boldness to go for my calling.


She gave me clear cut goals that were attainable, and now, a year into it, I am working on my first album. Many people have dreams that may seem impossible, but Terikka’s discerning heart allows her to lead them in the right direction to see  and meet their dreams; in steps.


Clarence Presley, Transformational Leadership Consultant & Trainer

Terikka Faciane has been a God send both to our organization “The Movement” and our church Word of Truth International Ministries! 


If you or your organization are ready to build capacity, unlock untapped potential, and shift into an exciting season where settling for the status quo is no longer the norm, then you should contact Terikka now!


Montra Woodard,  Author/Founder of Purple Print Productions


Well, what can I say, one of the primary reasons I am a  published author now is because you believed in me when I had given it all up as hopeless.


You believed in nothing and that nothing became something great; you helped ideas and fascinations become living, inspired strengths of mankind’s ability when determined enough.

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