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My Personal Journey

When I first learned about the Power Traits framework my life was forever changed. As a parent of young children at the time I was struggling to understand my little people. Remember, I taught high school. These little people baffled and challenged me at times but I knew there was something I was missing. I lacked understanding. I knew I wanted to honor the seed of who they were, but I must admit, I failed on a regular basis. I would think to myself "Ah, if only they could be more like me! Must everything be such an adventure?"


This speaks to how I didn't see them as they were. I saw them as I was and as I wanted them to be. This is why something as simple as acknowledging our children's dispositions causes them to more willingly show up in the world. It sheds light on why the needs of a 'people smart' child might challenge a parent who operates more in the 'self-smart' zone and just needs alone time.


When I came across the work of Mariaemma Pelullo-Willis and Victoria Dodson (the thought leaders of this Power Traits work) I knew I had to go through their certification program. When something benefits me this profoundly, I feel compelled to share it with others. But more than anything, I wanted to know how to esteem the children I had been blessed with. The freedom that came (and still comes) from understanding my children's Power Traits has spared me a lot of unnecessary frustration. I still face challenges but it's not because I'm unaware; I'm just experiencing periodic discomfort as I allow others to be who they are even if it 'bothers' me.


I want every parent to experience this awareness and clarity. I truly believe that as we discover and celebrate the seed of who our children are we will see them shine like never before. We won't find ourselves fighting against the grain of who they are. I believe if we can help them avoid the 'kid-life' crisis then maybe we can help them avoid the midlife crisis.


(*Note - If you are desiring to go deeper or you have unique learning challenges you want to address, I strongly encourage you to reach out to Mariaemma and her team. They can help you craft a tailored plan based on your unique needs.)

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Meet My Girls

A little bit about Micah's Power Traits: Micah (the eldest sister) has a strong Curious-Imaginative disposition, she is almost a 100% kinesthetic learner who is extremely word, logic, and body smart. You can often find her lost in one of her projects (like slime) or flipping repeatedly through the house doing her gymnastics moves. If she doesn't know what a word means, she will inquire until your explanation is sufficient. You may have to make eye contact when trying to get her attention because she is lost in her imagination at the moment.

A little bit about Kayla's Power Traits: Kayla has a Supportive-Imaginative disposition. She is well when there is ample human connection and interaction. She feels when others are sad and can sometimes take that on herself. She needs hugs and touches and love notes. She too is mostly a kinesthetic learner which makes for a lot of flipping around the house but she is inclined to enjoy any activity that allows her to be with others. Her strongest areas of 'smarts' are people, body, and humor smart. She loves to make others laugh. She is the one who will ask me how my workshop went or check on me just because. 

girls at the beach.jpg
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