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(For Parents & Educators)

Many students are expected to learn the same, perform the same, and produce the same, when in fact they are not the same.


The ‘I AM’ Project addresses this myth by helping parents (and educators) better understand who their student is and how they learn best, so they can better prepare them to navigate school and ultimately succeed in life.


The ‘I AM’ Project can be experienced through online courses, workshops & consultations.

(For Adult Identity Clarity Seekers)

Many adults come to a point in their lives when they find themselves grappling with who they really are and what the point of their life really is.


The Clear School provides a step-by-step process that will help them discover and clarify their identity and clues to their calling, so they can embrace who they are by design and begin living into their life’s purpose.


The Clear School can be accessed through online courses, self-guided processes & purpose coaching.

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(For Transformational Leaders)

Many who are called to lead wrestle with identifying and refining their God-given message.


The Messenger Experience provides a 7 Question Framework that helps Messengers get clear in key areas so they can begin reaching their tribe.


The Messenger Experience can be accessed through:

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