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The Messenger Hub 

Moving Messengers Forward, Together!

The Messenger Community and Resource Hub helps graduates of The Messenger Experience continue building on their work with their fellow Messengers. 


We are confident that a solid foundation has been laid for you to begin reaching your tribe, but we also know this journey is ever expanding and evolving.


You would have never experienced TME were it not for the partnership and accountability I was personally able to experience in putting this program together.


It’s just easier to stay the course and be constantly reminded of why you started this process when you have fellow Messengers to continue journeying with. You got a glimpse of what this felt like being a part of your dynamic cohort.

*Rare exception - Leaders who demonstrate extreme Messenger-readiness may be invited. There will be an expectation to address any clarity gaps concerning the 7 Guiding Messenger Questions. (Coaching outside of the scope of The Messenger Hub may be needed/required to track with us on the journey.)

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 The messenger hub 

When you become a part of The Hub you will enjoy the benefits of a like-missioned community, coaching, and relevant resources.  For only $47 a month you will experience:

  • An instant community of other like-minded Messengers on the same journey as you

  • A new training/resource guide on a topic related to you and your message each month

  • Access to The Messenger’s Resource Library (via Trello): an ever-growing Messenger resource repository

  • Monthly Messenger Lab call to briefly check-in and work on your projects with other Messengers present 

  • A dedicated Slack Channel as a point of engagement and

  • Scheduled  Q & A sessions to answer your Messenger-related questions and more!


The Messenger Hub will give you the ongoing support you need to grow as a Messenger and the resources you need to continue growing and sharing your message. 

If you're interested please enter your details below and you will receive an email when the membership opens up. I look forward to serving you. Let’s do this together!

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