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Moving Messengers Forward, Together!

Get the ongoing community, support, and resources you need to grow as a Messenger, do the work, and reach your tribe in a dedicated space!

WHy the messenger hub?  

The Messenger Hub will provide you with a Midwife who is committed to seeing you have the resources you need to continue clarifying your message while reaching your tribe.


You will also have access to your fellow Messengers who are experiencing the same joys and challenges as you. There is so much more we can get done (while being emotionally well) when we grow and build together. You don't have to do this alone, a space has been prepared just for you!

Book Stack

WHAT YOU WILL have access to... 

For your nominal investment of $47 a month you will get:

  • An instant community of other like-minded Messengers on the same journey as you

  • Access to The Messenger’s Resource Library: an ever-growing Messenger resource repository filled with guides, checklists, how-to's, planners, templates, video tutorials and more!

  • A Monthly Messenger Lab call to briefly check-in and work on your projects with other Messengers present 

  • A dedicated Slack channel as a communication tool for member connectivity and idea & resource sharing

  • Informal opportunities to ask your burning questions

  • Scheduled  Q & A sessions to answer your Messenger-related questions

  • Discounts on courses and other materials curated for Messenger growth & clarity and more!

The Messenger Hub is for 3 types of Messengers:

  1. Graduates of The Messenger Experience Intensive 

  2. Messengers who participated in The Messenger Experience years ago in some form

  3. Messengers who feel they are far enough along on the Messenger path and are ready to be supported in the Messenger process.

If you find yourself in either one of these categories, there is something here for you.


As a community, we will hold each other accountable to fulfill the mandate on our lives. This is not just another membership group, this is where we grow and are continually equipped to do the work. I look forward to serving and walking alongside you! 

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