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It's Time's Simple '4D' Website Design Process



Before you take the readiness assessment or schedule a clarity call please do the following:


1. Peruse the example websites below to get a sense of the standardized format that will be utilized to create your site on the Wix platform.

(*Note: these sites were transferred to the clients. Design changes and updates may have been made by the owners since the site was initially created.)

​2. Take a close a look at what's included in ITSWD'S Pricing Plan


3. Review the FAQ section for additional clarity about the process.


4. Review the 'WHO WE SERVE' section once more.


I want to honor your time, budget and where you are in your process, and only want to partner if it's a fit. 


If you decide to move forward after reviewing the aforementioned pieces, I look forward to receiving your readiness assessment from the DISCOVER step!

Online Class
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This step requires you to complete a Website Creation Readiness Assessment.


This questionnaire will allow us to see how much clarity you currently have around the mission and vision of your organization, and any additional content that may be needed to complete your streamlined website.



Now that you have completed your Website Creation Readiness Assessment, it's time to schedule a clarification call.


Let's discuss what we discovered on your readiness assessment to see if you have what's needed to either move forward or determine what is still needed if we are to eventually move forward.

We will also go over the entire simple web design process and determine if now is the time for us to partner to create your starter website. 

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So glad you decided to move forward with It's Time Simple Web Design. Now it's time to gather and share your various website information pieces.


We will use a content template and designated platform to upload and organize your website information (i.e. your logo, content, images...), so we can begin designing your site. 



Congratulations, your site is the final stage, but before we transfer it over, let's hop on another call and go through your site to see if any final revisions are needed.

Once the final revisions are made the site will be transferred to you, and resources will be shared to help you manage your site going forward.

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