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Self-Guided Parent Process

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Step 1:


Understanding Why Power Traits are Key

Once students have a greater clarity about who they are, they will be more in tune with why they see things as they do; and will be more inclined and empowered to collaborate, set goals, and take greater responsibility for their learning.

As they are acknowledged for who they are, they will begin to see that they do hold ‘something’ special (though not always captured in schools).

When they sense that they do have something to aspire to in their futures, they will be more inclined to cooperate and do the work.

Step 2: Assessment/Results

Student Takes Power Traits Assessment

The Self-Portrait™ assesses the 5 dimensions of student-centered learning, quickly and simply, in language that is easily understood by everyone.


The 5 areas of focus are:

  • Disposition

  • Modality

  • Environment

  • Interests

  • Talents

Review Instructions for Assessment


Quick Power Traits Assessment

Parent Power Traits Assessment


Summative Profile

Step 3a:

Student Clarity

My Book of Me

The My Book of Me is designed to help students understand who they are and their Power Traits. They are provided strategies along with other prompts to reflect on who they are.

I recommend hard copies because it serves more as a specialized, personal journal, but PDFs are available.

My Book of Me PDF  Edition


Step 3b:

Parent Clarity

Parent Resource

Now that you know your child's Power Traits you can download the Parent Guide. Though not exhaustive, this resource will help you better understand things like:

your child's strengths and challenge areas, what they contribute, what motivates them, making sense of their environmental needs & more.


Use the guide to begin fostering an awareness of who your child is really. As you begin implementing the tips, your child will thank you!

Dispositions Chart

Smarts Chart

At this stage of the journey, your student has taken the assessment and you know what their Power traits are. You have had a chance to go through the Parent Guide and you're beginning to see your child's natural strengths and challenge areas, but you want  to go deeper.


Next Step:


Book a session with me so we can begin creating your child's custom profile while arming you with additional tools and strategies  to support them on their journey.

Review Sample Profile


Going Deeper 

1-on-1 Consulting with your Learning Success Coach