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Open Letter to Adult Seekers

Dear Seeker,


  • Has your “life’s work” simply become a lifetime of working?

  • Have you traded in your “purpose” for a career?

  • Is there a disconnect between who you are and what you “do”?

  • Do you want to discover your “true” purpose and let your life speak?…

If you answered an emphatic yes to any of the above questions, then we have clarifying resources we want to share with you to help you discover who you were created to be and to unlock your unique destiny.


So if you want to know “what your Life is to stand for?” ask yourself, “what do I truly care about?”  Is it justice, children, outreach programs, ministry, acting, spreading a message through song or writing…whatever it is pursue it as if your life depended on it, because in truth, your life does depend on it.


The choice is ours, we must choose “are we going to answer the call and live purposefully or just exist?”


Others may not know or validate who God has called you to be, but you need to know, and you must learn to be your own best cheerleader.


We must stop shutting ourselves down before we ever have a chance to get started. Those dreams and desires would not have been placed in you if they were not possible to achieve. We have to learn to silence the voice of defeat in our heads, especially when we know we have a calling.  The famous artist, Vincent van Gogh once said:


“If you hear a voice within you saying ‘I am not a painter,’ then, by all means, paint…and that voice will be silenced.”


Now you might not be a painter, so substitute painter for teacher, counselor, parent, singer or whatever you know is in you to do.  The point is, ACTION is the only thing that will silence the voice because you’re doing what the ‘VOICE’ said could not be done.


Do it horribly at first, if you have to, BUT DO IT!  This voice will always tell you how limited you are, how fearful and inadequate you are, but the VOICE is not and will never be you!  That’s why we become paralyzed in the name of “security or stability or the I CANT’S” but if we were ever inspired to do something new, even though it might be scary at first, we would get out of this cycle (this Groundhog day, where every day looks like the day before it.)


Don’t let depression get a hold on you; it is nothing more than deep-seated passion in reverse trying to find its way out so it can express itself.  You’ve got something way down on the inside of you that will not let you rest until it can come out.


It’s time to let it out.  We need you!

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