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What Messengers are saying...

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Lakesha Gates,
Messenger of Change

I can confidently introduce myself and the work I do because of MMA. My name is Lakesha Gates, coach and founder of DYNAMIC. I am a Messenger of Change and I embolden leaders to move forward in faith. The clarity in being able to concisely convey that message has been a tremendous life changer.  MMA helps you clarify and refine your God given message. You know the message you just can't seem to shake, no matter how hard you try? Yeah, that one! You'll go through some highs, lows, joy and pain, laughter and tears, but it is all worth it. MMA creates a safe environment that you can be your authentic self and gain and share insight and wisdom to move forward in your life. 


Since completion of the MMA Cohort 2015 I have published a journal, website, set up an in home studio to record weekly videos to be shared via YouTube and other social media outlets. I would not have been able to do any of these things without that shaping and refining processes and the help of Terikka and the other women who journeyed alongside me. I am forever grateful. Don't forget to Do Something DYNAMIC today: join the village because your tribe is waiting!

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