What Messengers are saying...

Lakesha Gates,
Messenger of Change

I can confidently introduce myself and the work I do because of MMA. My name is Lakesha Gates, coach and founder of DYNAMIC. I am a Messenger of Change and I embolden leaders to move forward in faith. The clarity in being able to concisely convey that message has been a tremendous life changer.  MMA helps you clarify and refine your God given message. You know the message you just can't seem to shake, no matter how hard you try? Yeah, that one! You'll go through some highs, lows, joy and pain, laughter and tears, but it is all worth it. MMA creates a safe environment that you can be your authentic self and gain and share insight and wisdom to move forward in your life. 


Since completion of the MMA Cohort 2015 I have published a journal, website, set up an in home studio to record weekly videos to be shared via YouTube and other social media outlets. I would not have been able to do any of these things without that shaping and refining processes and the help of Terikka and the other women who journeyed alongside me. I am forever grateful. Don't forget to Do Something DYNAMIC today: join the village because your tribe is waiting!

Kathei McCoy,

Messenger of Hope & Freedom

When we first started I was so excited and already doing some of the work that I struggled with determining who my clients (tribe) were, a clear mission and vision and which delivery methods (coaching, speaking, teaching) I would use to reach my  tribe. The exercise to help me identify my ideal tribe was extremely helpful in determining how to reach them and how to tailor my message so that they can find me. This solution freed me up from working with just anyone which was draining and not as successful as I desired.


As a result of the clarifying work (ideal tribe member, mission & vision statement, I AM declaration) I created a speaker one sheet, signature speech, wrote a book, created a tele-course, a coaching program and workshops.


What made the experience valuable was that everything I needed to start and be successful in my coaching business was addressed and made simple to complete.  Terikka did a great job of providing us with every possible resource we would need and if she didn’t know something she made it a priority to research it and provide it to you via email or at the next session. Terikka made no judgment as to our abilities or our message she simply believed in us and gave us the tools to help us achieve our desires. It was very valuable to work with other women who wanted to get their message out and get and give encouragement from others who understand the ups and downs of the process. I was completely satisfied with the skills I gained, what I produced and the relationships I formed. I still refer back to my notebooks when I need a refresher.

Kim Lee,
Messenger of Value, Vision, & Voice

When I entered the program I knew I wanted and needed change. I had this tugging in my spirit that there was more for me to do, uncover and experience to effectively move forward in the call of God and business for my life. When I entered the program my life was a mess and so was I, yet I forged forward. I was a bit overwhelmed with all the wonderful new information but the program was broken down into bite size assignments that were useful and thought provoking. I so enjoyed making progress with other like-minded individuals.


One of the greatest assets of the Messenger Mastermind is the creator, herself. Terikka's ability to offer grace, truth, and that firm nudge of accountability when you need it were to me the rare jewels that make this program such a success. She was the epitome of a good mid-wife helping you carefully push and breathe to deliver that great message to offer those you were meant to serve. She was also massively effective in offering resources she thought would be helpful during your time in the program and afterwards. Since graduating :), I've completed a commercial for my both my books, a Facebook group to further hone my tribe and offer my services, taken several speaking engagements, started Periscope & Youtube offering and webinars in the making.

I've come a long way and part of that is definitely due to the excellence of spirit the program carries, an effective curriculum and being surrounded by awesome people to help you know and deliver your message to the masses. Thank you Terikka and Messenger Mastermind for helping to bring out the "more excellent stuff"  in us to get our message out to those we are called by God to minister to.

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