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Why It's Time?

No one looks at an acorn and expects it to produce an apple tree. We understand the seed already has everything it needs to become what it was designed to be; and so do we as people. It’s Time provides a series of distinct offerings to help parents/youth, adult seekers, and transformational leaders clarify their identity so they can honor the seed of who they are and live into their design and ultimately their life’s purpose.


Below you will find a portal to each of the unique offerings. Enter and explore the process that is specific to you at this time. Welcome to your clarifying journey. It's time!

(For Parents & Educators)

Helping parents clarify who their student is and how they learn best so they can advocate for them from a place of strength

(For Adult Seekers)

Helping adults clarify who they are (i.e. how they're wired, mission, passions, intrinsic drivers...) & how these point them to their life purpose

(For Transformational Leaders)

Helping Messengers identify, clarify, and refine their God-given message so they can begin reaching their tribe

(The Resource Hub)

Resources to help you clarify who you are and how to live from that deeper place of awareness