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  • Do you have a dedicated platform you use to create streamlined sites?
    Yes, It's Time Simple Web Design is a partner with Wix. This is the sole website platform we use to create our sites.
  • Do I have to pay for Wix's web hosting?
    Yes. We want you to have a professional looking website so your clients will take you seriously. Although Wix has a free plan, it has limited functionality and Wix branding would be visible on your site. The goal is to brand you and your business.
  • Will my website be mobile responsive?
    Yes, your site will be formatted for desktop as well as mobile phones.
  • What sections will be covered in my streamlined, informative website?"
    It's Time Simple Websites will have these key sections (content/verbiage will be provided by client): - About (Your Personal Mission/Vision/Values or that of your Organization's ) - Who you Serve - What you Offer (Your Services) - About the Founder (and/or Meet the Team) - Testimonials - Contact Me/Let's Connect
  • Will I be given access to my website?
    Absolutely! This is your website and it will be transferred to you once completed and payment is made in full. You will be encouraged and empowered to keep your site up to date. The goal is to get you started on a solid foundation so you can build from there.
  • What if I am struggling to clarify my website content. Can you help with that?
    That is beyond the scope of this service but there is a resource guide you can purchase that will assist you in clarifying and mapping out your web content. The guidebook is called The Messenger's Guide to Creating A Website.
  • Do you create the client's logo? Tagline? Color schemes?
    The logo, tagline and brand colors are expected to be provided by the client. In rare instances when the client does not have a logo and it is the only thing needed to complete the site, a simple/streamlined placeholder name logo can be created for an extra fee.
  • Do I have to provide my own images?
    Yes, for the most part. We will provide up to 2 stock images that align with the purpose of your site, but you will need (and want) to have high quality images of your logo, yourself, team members to ensure that your site represents you and your organization well. During our discovery call we will clarify what's needed from you and what will be provided by ITSWD.
  • Once I agree to have my site done by ITSWD, how long will it take to complete my site?"
    Your site should take no more than 7 business days to complete. The turnaround can be sooner if the requested content is submitted in a timely manner.
  • Will support be available if I have major updates/additions needed for the site after it's completed and transferred to me?
    Yes, we can absolutely discuss the scope of your update needs. If you can be supported via a tutorial share, we can do that. If it turns out to be an extensive revision or revamping we will provide a quote based on the work needing to be done.


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