Parent Consulting Process

Step 1: Discovery Call
Book A Session


Let's have a conversation about where you and your child are currently. How is your child showing up (or not showing up) at school and at home?

Let's equip you with some clarifying information of why knowing your child's power traits are essential for strategically supporting your child in school and in life; and the negative consequences of not being aware.

Step 2: Assess
Power Traits Assessment


Since you have decided to move on after the discovery call, we can get started by having your child take the Power Traits Assessment.

Once completed, you will share the results with your Learning Success Coach.


Step 3: Clarity
Receive Exhaustive Profile


After your Learning Success Coach receives the results, an exhaustive student profile will be created for you.


(An example will be provided for you after your discovery call so you know what to expect.)

You will also be provided with additional resources to help you be your child's greatest advocate at school and at home.

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