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the clear school

The sole mission of It’s Time's The Clear School (TCS) is to educate, enlighten, and facilitate identity and destiny awareness for all who want to clarify who they are and why they are and live into their purpose. We are committed to providing experiences, processes, and resources that will begin the destiny discovery and awareness process.


It is our sincere belief that every individual has a unique design, calling and destiny and as they begin to identify their strengths, gifts, talents, and weaknesses they will be more equipped to DO THE MOST WHAT THEY DO THE BEST and embrace their personal path to success.


The Clear School is the central learning hub for It's Time. It is designed for those who are ready to get clear so they can begin (or continue) making their unique contribution to the world.

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The Clear School provides a series of distinct offerings to help parents/youth, adult seekers, and transformational leaders clarify their identity so they can honor the seed of who they are and live into their design and ultimately their life’s purpose. Below, you will find a portal to each of It's Time's unique offerings. Enter and explore the process that is specific to you at this time. 


(For Parents & Educators)

Family At Church

Helping parents clarify who their student is and how they learn best so they can advocate for them from a place of strength. 

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(For Adult Seekers)

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Stressed Woman

Helping adults clarify who they are & how these point them to their life purpose. (This process is also part of the pre-work for The Messenger Experience)

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(For Transformational Leaders)

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Helping Messengers identify, clarify, and refine their God-given message so they can begin reaching their tribe

ways to Access
the clear school

1. For the self-starter: Take advantage of the various self-guided resources and online courses


2. For those wanting a guide (one-on-one experience): Personal coaching and consulting

2. For groups & organizations: Customized workshops & presentations for older youth, parents/educators, and adults

3. For Transformational Leaders: Learning Intensives (cohort model), Membership Groups, Masterminds & a Dedicated Messenger Resource Hub


Terikka Faciane, M.Ed. is a Certified Life Purpose Coach who has been uniquely commissioned as a messenger of purpose, hope, and destiny. For over two decades now, Terikka has tirelessly honed and refined the identity and destiny awareness processes to ensure excellence and preparedness in ushering each unique soul entrusted to her care towards the fulfillment of their life’s purpose.

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(Parent & Founder of Journey Girl)

My daughter and I were in constant conflict every time we needed to head in the same direction on something. 

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(Life Coach & Consultant)

I can confidently introduce myself and the work I do because of The Messenger Experience. My name is Lakesha Gates, coach and founder of DYNAMIC.

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(Award Winning Author)

I've recently become acquainted with this passionate, purpose-driven woman. She and I have been discussing my purpose...  

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(Master Scribe, Artist, Poet)

Thank you so much! The resources you share are invaluable...If it wasn't for your help, I would not have found the program to help me build the online school.